Just finished Lisa Soland’s All Original Playwright Workshop INTENSIVE.  It was truly intensive, as we met for over 20 hours in only 4 days (and that’s on top of my full-time job and freelance job).  Inspiring and emotional, it was much needed since I’d taken a few years off from writing, and this was good to get me going again.   I have lately suffered from what Lisa calls “Writer’s Overwhelm” which can be just as deteriorating as “Writer’s Block.”  So now I have to figure out and prioritize what story I need to tell now, and represent it as truthfully as I can (with one subject it’s hard since it’s so wacky and out there, unlike all the cartoons I work on all day! :)  Lisa was amazing, in both her body of work and her kind and nurturing spirit.  I’m so glad to have met such a wonderful person.  1937449_10152601788184610_3070675070533218671_n The amazing playwrights – (top row) me, Stephanie, Bette, Eugenie, Arthur, Suzie (bottom row) Gerry, Christian, Lisa, and Wendy.

I presented some plays I’m working on for my production next year as well as one of my darker tongue-in-cheek plays “Candy Cane Killer,” based off of all the 48 Hours Mystery and other reality-based serial killer shows you’d watch on the I.D. Channel.  Can someone say “Guilty Pleasure”?  Maybe that should be the title of my next play of that genre.

I’m starting a 4-day intensive workshop with the talented Lisa Soland.  I’ll be workshopping a few of my new 10 minute plays as well as some oldies but goodies (that need some fine-tuning).  I hope to give a lot and receive a lot of well-needed feedback so I can send my plays off to different competitions and festivals.  That is, after all, one of my new year’s resolutions.  It’s time to kick my butt into gear! 

I may have mentioned to you that I was conjuring up my own theatre group.  We met up several weeks ago to discuss objectives, show ideas, etc.  The most I’ll share with you at this moment is that I am super excited and incredibly grateful to have such talent backing me up. We will produce high-quality interactive experiences for people, taking them to another world with our fantasy theatre experience.  My hope is that it will be visually stunning and appeal to a wide audience who like to play make-believe without having to be a child to appreciate it.

Today we had our first Writers Group Meetup.  I need that support and encouragement, and I think it mutually benefits us all in helping us tone our craft.

We did a few exercises from previous workshops I’d been in, the one with Chris Kelly and the writers of Note particularly inspired me since it was my first one.  During that time I had come up with a blog called “Writer’s Workout.”  As you can see, it was pretty short-lived, at least publicly.  It’s been put to use in my solo writing life at least, and now with this Writing Group I’m excited to continue to put it into practice and share with fellow writers.

Since Velma and Manny was such a hit at Theatre of Note, the actors and I talked about submitting it to the Fringe Festival.  I haven’t ever been a part of it and since it ALAP would be producing it, I thought to try there first.  If anything, there’s always next year, right?  So I submitted the play, adjusting just a couple lines to make it fit the theme of “Sex, Lies, and Social Media.”  I just heard from Dan Berkowitz at ALAP that my play was not among the 5, but number 6!  I’m always second best, I always think, but this is still great news and I was surprised to even get that far. Basically we will be alternates for the show, so if any of the other plays for some reason can’t put their play up, we will go up in their place.  I guess it’s a nice kick in the patooty to keep at it.  So fingers crossed we make it in, but it’s still nice to receive honorable mention (especially since I had submitted to another festival with another company and didn’t make it in.  But I think one of the plays I submitted was a bit too dark.  Serial killers don’t have a huge place in theatre.  Maybe I need to start submitting to the Lifetime or ID network.) :)

Marathon graphic eblast

I took the last year and a half off from playwriting (well, writing in general it seems).  So I’m starting the year off right by being part of this Hollywood Performance Marathon at the Theatre of Note.  It’s their 19th annual, and is sure to be a blast!  My 10 minute piece is “Velma and Manny” starring Carolyn Blais and Dan Heber.  It’s been rewritten slightly, so if you’ve seen it before, it’ll be like seeing it for the first time. :)

Hope you can make it out!

I had a blast with the people in my workshop – Bryan, Gary, Skye, Joy, Ruffy, Gene, John, Evan, David, and Tim.  Dorie and Jeff really know their stuff when it comes to plays and playwriting.  I am always impressed by the amount of work that is produced in these workshops as well, and I can’t wait for the next one.  I already know what I want to write.  It’s another one based on my family.  These ones always seem to express honesty and a sense of natural humor, something that my mom is always hoping I present.

Anyway, here is a look back at this past session (a few people are missing).  This was taken the last day, Tuesday, July 3rd, during our ending pow-wow wrap-up.  I felt a sense of comraderie and I hope we all get to workshop again with each other soon.


I’ve finally rewritten “Japan 1946 Meets California 2010″ into a full length play now titled “Unforgettable”.  It’s part of the DHHWI New Works Festival – Spring 2012 Series (see photo).

Please come and give your feedback (and comparison to the original one act that we produced last year.)  I’d love to see you there!  Best part is it’s FREE!

A little blurb about the play:

By Rochelle Perry
“Time and memory collide when a grandmother’s struggle to remember     her past inspires her granddaughter to think about her future.”

Let’s go to XLIXE or Daikokuya afterwards.


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