Since Velma and Manny was such a hit at Theatre of Note, the actors and I talked about submitting it to the Fringe Festival.  I haven’t ever been a part of it and since it ALAP would be producing it, I thought to try there first.  If anything, there’s always next year, right?  So I submitted the play, adjusting just a couple lines to make it fit the theme of “Sex, Lies, and Social Media.”  I just heard from Dan Berkowitz at ALAP that my play was not among the 5, but number 6!  I’m always second best, I always think, but this is still great news and I was surprised to even get that far. Basically we will be alternates for the show, so if any of the other plays for some reason can’t put their play up, we will go up in their place.  I guess it’s a nice kick in the patooty to keep at it.  So fingers crossed we make it in, but it’s still nice to receive honorable mention (especially since I had submitted to another festival with another company and didn’t make it in.  But I think one of the plays I submitted was a bit too dark.  Serial killers don’t have a huge place in theatre.  Maybe I need to start submitting to the Lifetime or ID network.) :)

Marathon graphic eblast

I took the last year and a half off from playwriting (well, writing in general it seems).  So I’m starting the year off right by being part of this Hollywood Performance Marathon at the Theatre of Note.  It’s their 19th annual, and is sure to be a blast!  My 10 minute piece is “Velma and Manny” starring Carolyn Blais and Dan Heber.  It’s been rewritten slightly, so if you’ve seen it before, it’ll be like seeing it for the first time. :)

Hope you can make it out!

I had a blast with the people in my workshop – Bryan, Gary, Skye, Joy, Ruffy, Gene, John, Evan, David, and Tim.  Dorie and Jeff really know their stuff when it comes to plays and playwriting.  I am always impressed by the amount of work that is produced in these workshops as well, and I can’t wait for the next one.  I already know what I want to write.  It’s another one based on my family.  These ones always seem to express honesty and a sense of natural humor, something that my mom is always hoping I present.

Anyway, here is a look back at this past session (a few people are missing).  This was taken the last day, Tuesday, July 3rd, during our ending pow-wow wrap-up.  I felt a sense of comraderie and I hope we all get to workshop again with each other soon.


I’ve finally rewritten “Japan 1946 Meets California 2010″ into a full length play now titled “Unforgettable”.  It’s part of the DHHWI New Works Festival – Spring 2012 Series (see photo).

Please come and give your feedback (and comparison to the original one act that we produced last year.)  I’d love to see you there!  Best part is it’s FREE!

A little blurb about the play:

By Rochelle Perry
“Time and memory collide when a grandmother’s struggle to remember     her past inspires her granddaughter to think about her future.”

Let’s go to XLIXE or Daikokuya afterwards.

Based on the feedback I received from Dorie and my fellow DHHWI classmates, I have decided to rewrite my “JMC” script.  I have a lot of great ideas.  I want to bring Rita into her own fantasies and expand her story with Marc, as well as add some spice to both of them.  (All this preschool writing is tickling my bad bones…)  Anyway, I received a lot of helpful feedback in my class last Saturday, and know how to really strengthen and define the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter, grandmother with grandfather, and granddaughter with boyfriend.  It should make for a much more complete and compelling version and my stance on dementia that doesn’t only affect old people but young alike.  Dementia is another state of being… like dreaming… like living… like dying.

I’ll update you more in the weeks ahead.

Last night I went to the Disney/ABC Presentation at EWP, a seminar where Frank and Ollie (no, these are not Disney’s Two Old Men, but I love the serendipitous connection) inspired us all to apply for the Writers Fellowship Program.  Being that I love ABC shows, I need to work my ass off now to submit some spec scripts to this program.  I am fortunate to have some experience as a freelance writer as it gets my feet wet for deeper waters.  I would love to be on a staff of writers or at least submerge myself in prime time TV writing by starting out as a writer’s assistant.  And lately I feel that the universe is calling me to take that next step.  I heard of an opportunity today to apply for a writer’s assistant job, and I also met a friend of a friend who is looking for a diverse talent at his theatre company of 10 playwrights (preference being someone excluded from the umbrella of Old. White. Man.)  None of those apply to me.  I hope to use it as an advantage especially because I have had an interesting upbringing.  (I have my sob stories like anyone else, but I also tend to meet a lot of interesting people.  I seem to attract a lot of crazies, which is undesirable to a young woman, but only fuels amazing ideas for a writer.)

I also googled myself to see what people can find out about me.  I really hope those porn videos never come out!  Kidding!  Kidding!  (… or am I?)  Well here’s something I found that I never knew existed.  Where these people grabbed this information I have no idea, but it was fun to find nonetheless.  (It’s a really old database of my produced plays.)

Oh, if you do google me, you may find another “Rochelle Perry” who died years ago.  Sorry to end this musing on a sad note.  But just know, I’m still here and hoping to make a name for all Rochelle Perrys out there…

This Saturday, March 17th, from 10am-2pm, I’m starting another class with Doris Baizley and a few other people formerly taking the DHHWI workshop back at the end of 2010.  I’m trying to figure out what I want to workshop.  For the last few months I’ve been writing freelance for “Chloe’s Closet,” a preschool show at Moonscoop, and working on my Steampunk Novel.  I’ve not had much time to think about playwriting.  This will be a good way to motivate me, though.  Several ideas I have swimming around in my head include an autobiography of my youth, my musical – Royelle Tragedy – and of course, rewriting Japan/CA into a full length (at least 90 minute) play.  We’ll see what the others think this Saturday.


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