As many of you are aware, I am producing 8 ten minute plays based on the world of Alice in Wonderland.  It’s called CURIOUS CONVERSATIONS, and will be making its world premiere on May 29th-June 28th (Fri/Sat/Sun) at the Eclectic Company Theatre in Valley Village.  I hope you can make it to the show.
I just launched my first ever campaign on Indie Gogo, and hope you can support it.  For only $25 you get a free ticket to the show (guaranteed seating!) And there are a number of other fabulous perks like jewelry, t-shirts, artwork, and even a pass to Disneyland!
CLICK HERE to support Curious Conversations – the Wonderland Plays
We’ve been working with a lot of other artists who are super excited about this show, and we hope to share it with you and the rest of the world which is why this campaign is so important to us.  Watch our video, (laugh at me!), and donate to this event that we have been working so hard to put together.  What would the world be without art and entertainment?  Pretty bleak, if you ask me!  So please donate and also share with your friends and tell them about the show!  We want a sold out house every night, great reviews, and an extended run.  And we can’t do this without your help!

Check it out!!! Only $1.99 to download!

On Feb 15th we had a reading of 8 of the plays I’m producing at the Eclectic Company Theatre in May.

Overall it went really well! We had some great actors and audience feedback. The writers are busy rewriting, and we have two directors, Shane and Madelyn, who will each be directing 4 plays.

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It’s always great for writers to hear their words read aloud.  It gives some clarity as to what works and what doesn’t work.  I’m rewriting mine to incorporate a few more of the actors from the other plays.  Overall it’s gonna be a fun run!

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Lots of people, lots of laughs, lots of funds raised for Theatre of Note.  If you missed it, too bad!  Well, I do have a link to the video if you wanna see it.  Let me know.  And thanks to all who did make it out.

After the show we went out to St. Felix which has an awesome happy hour and I recommend it to anyone who’s in the area.-1 -2 -3

Thanks again to my wonderful actors and director, and of course, the man who inspired the play – my hubby Patrick!

20th_Hollywood Performance Marathon Flier

It’s already been a busy year.  I heard from Wendi at Theatre of Note just before New Year’s Eve that they would love for me to put up another play.  So I rummaged through various plays that would suit this event, and I scrambled to find my actors.  The hardest to find was a guy who looks like Jesus (which spawned plenty of Jesus jokes: “If Jesus is everywhere, why can’t I find him?”, “Where is he when you need him?, and “What Would Jesus Do?”)  Anyway, I workshopped the play at FirstStage’s writing workshops on Monday nights at the Avery Shreiber Playhouse in NoHo.  (It’s free for the month of January so I thought to give it a shot.)  Sort of like kismet since I’m looking to continue workshopping and I love meeting fellow writers.  I got a lot of laughs and Gene DeJoie, a writer/director/actor himself, gave me some really great notes and tips.  I asked him if he’d be interested in helping direct it, and he accepted the challenge, and to him I am very grateful.  So only one rehearsal in and we’re going up this Saturday, January 17th at 6pm.

Here’s me taking on social media and spreading the word:

Please come and show your support to Theatre of Note by coming out to this incredible fundraising event! It’s their 20th year and it’s sure to be a blast! My comedy play “The Color Yellow” will be going up around 6pm! One day only! I have so many talented actors in my piece: Carolyn Blais, Christina Martinez, Dan Heber, and Paul Yen directed by Gene DeJoie. So please be there to laugh and have a great time, and let’s go out for eats and drinks afterwards!

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!  One way I celebrated ringing in the new year is helping ECT with their fundraising event – the One Day Play.  Who says writing has to be a solitary act?  It was a ton of fun, and it was my first time writing with a group of people.  We each selected scene numbers and outlined said scenes, then we picked new scenes which we later wrote that night to become one full length play.  The actors rehearsed at 6 in the morning and then went on at 8pm and 10pm on NYE!

Title: Spa Wars: Episode 4 – Spa vs Spa

“Extra sassy, extra sexy, and extra gay! Come laugh with us… and get turned on too.”

I can’t wait to do another one, and work with these and other talented writers again!

Event Invite:


Plays created in 24 hours have been around since the 1950s, when Rachel Rosenthal pioneered the form in Los Angeles. Most companies producing such entertainments will present an evening of short pieces, usually between ten and twenty minutes in length, all created within a period of 24 hours from concept to execution.

The Eclectic Company Theatre is taking the concept to a different level. The ECT will present one full length play created in 24 hours. That is, one real play, not an evening of sketches. In 24 hours, a group of writers and actors will create, rehearse and bring to performance a single new play.

You may have seen 24 hour theatre before, but you probably haven’t seen this done with 24 hour theatre before.

Writers include Kerr Seth Lordygan, Rochelle Perry, Anne Pierce, Timothy Sprague, Natasha Troop and Roger Weiss

Actors Include Marco Antonio Parra, Corey Blake, Dave Mack, Janie Steele, Susan Slome, Tim DeLano, Luke Martin McMahan, Aleshya Uthappa, Thomas Prosser, Brian Sonia-Wallace & Lupe Carranza

Directed by Gary Lamb

Stage Manager Mikaela Runyan

We’ll be there to ring in the New Year after the 10 p.m. show.

* * * * * *
WHAT: “One Day Play.” ™ A full length play created in 24 hours from conception to execution.

WHO: Produced by Kerr Seth Lordygan and Meghan McConnell. Presented by The Eclectic Company Theatre. Written, directed and performed by the artists and associates of The Eclectic Company Theatre.

WHERE: The Eclectic Company Theatre, 5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Valley Village, CA 91607.

WHEN: Wednesday, December 31, 2014 at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. Party follows second show.

ADMISSION: $15 for first show. $20 for second show (includes party with light refreshments and Champagne toast).

RESERVATIONS: (818) 508-3003 or ONLINE

“I’d rather be the pop culture reference than to reference pop culture.” – Rochelle Perry

(I said this after describing some of the script submissions I read for Curious Conversations, a series of plays I’m producing in June.)


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