This month is the month of love, and in celebration, the Eclectic Company Theatre put out a Valentine’s Day series of plays.  Included was my first and most popular rom-coms, “Velma and Manny.”


Up next for us: “Velma and Manny” the web series!


We made about $400 for the fire victims.  Thank you to everyone who made it out!

This was the fastest produced show I’ve ever been involved in, and while I can’t say I’d love to do it again, we did get pretty good audiences every night.

Fan favorites were Holly Joy, Jolly Joy, and Becky, and “The Wise Ones” and “Tilty’s Christmas Wish”.

Here are some photos to remember this family-friendly holiday event:



The Eclectic Company Theatre is celebrating the holiday season with its brand new show “All is Bright.” Featuring the writing of Rochelle Perry, Thomas Prosser, and Linda Rand, there are tales new and old (including stories from Louisa May Alcott and Clement Clarke Moore).

*25% of the ticket sales will go to support the SoCal Fire Relief.

Included are:
“All I Want for Christmas” by Linda Rand
“From Our Happy Home” a poem by Louisa May Alcott
“The Elf and the Shoe Princess” (based on “The Elves and the Shoemaker” by the Brothers Grimm) by Rochelle Perry
“The Wise Ones” (based on O Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi”) by Rochelle Perry
“Tilty’s Christmas Wish” (based on the original Children’s book by Rochelle Perry)
“The Night Before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore

Produced by: Thomas Prosser and Rochelle Perry

Musical Director/Producer: Betsy Hammer

Directed by: Erin McBride Africa, Thomas Prosser, and Donna Wheeler

Starring: Johnson Cooley, Gayla Johnson, Isaac Guillory, Michaela Guillory, Betsy Hammer, Halli Lorenzato, Jeffrey Paul Morgan, Alyssa Prachasaisoradej, Pagorn Prachasaisoradej, George Steeves, Baker Wiles

Come celebrate in the festivities with caroling, crafts, and hot cocoa. A delightful time for the whole family!


Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 1.04.10 PM

Thank you, Hettie!


Our reviewer on Sunday:

Madness, Mayhem and Other Stimulants… When Women Write!

Written by Harrison Held

“Madness, Mayhem and Other Stimulants…  When Women Write!” at the Brickhouse Theatre in the NoHo Arts District playing thourgh October 1.

Series C  “A Colorful Conscience – A Collection of Short Plays” by Rochelle Perry

BrickHouse Theatre, 10950 Peach Grove St., North Hollywood, 91601

September 23rd through October 1st –   Fridays & Saturdays 8PM and Sundays 2PM

Click here for tickets

I had a great time yesterday at the third installment in this series of Write Act Repertory’s annual Women’s Playwright Festival.

Series C, featuring the short dynamic plays of super talented playwright Rochelle Perry, made its successful premiere this past weekend at the cozy Brickhouse Theatre in North Hollywood. Ms. Perry’s comedies are very good and fans of moody dark and emotional material will especially love her work.  For me it was like an early, enjoyable Halloween treat with lots of chills and thrills.  I attended the first two parts of this great series, but Series C took it to a whole other level.  Rochelle Perry is really a great writer with an incredible imagination!  After the show was over I met her and discovered she is also a very nice young lady!

Here’s a quick rundown of these excellent short plays:

The first play is ‘”The Color Yellow” directed by Donna Wheeler and featuring Jasmine Williams, Anna Dawahare, Johnson Cooley and Jeffrey Han. A very funny piece about fate and the pursuit of love and lust.

IMG 7622 TheColorYellow JasmineWilliams JohnsonCooley AnnaDawahare

“A Good Mother” directed by Louise Kroot-Haukka, featuring Suzie Heaton, Isaac Jay and Cameron Kauffman is a moving, emotional piece about teen angst – with a twist.

IMG 7627 AGoodMother IsaacJay SuzieHeaton

Save Our Marriage” directed by Stephen Loftin, featuring Lara Fisher,  AJ Sass and Johnson Coley as the world’s largest baby, lol – it’s hilarious!

IMG 7647 SaveOurMarriage LaraFisher JohnsonCooley

“Failure to the Family ll: The Glass Ceiling” directed by Anne T. Mesa, featuring Jeffrey Han and Jacob Osborne is a gripping, poignant, emotional roller coaster and very moving.

“Ella Earns Her Stars” is another comedy with offbeat elements set in a bakery, directed by Stephen Loftin and featuring Sophia Castillo, EP McKnight and AJ Sass in three very different roles.

Purple Dinosaurs” directed by Donna Wheeler, featuring Stephen Loftin, Lara Fisher and Isaac Jay is also very entertaining and well written.

IMG 7714 PurpleDinosaurs IsaacJay StephenLoftin

“Candy Cane Killer” is a scary, riveting who-done-it thriller with an eerie, supernatural tone,  directed by Angela Relucio, featuring Cameron Kauffman, Jacob Osborne, Sophia Castillo, Julian Fletcher and Angela Relucio.

IMG 7723 CandyCaneKiller CameronKauffman JacobOsborne SophiaCastillo

Kudos to this very talented group of people… well done…. well done.  Thanks to Sandra Kuker PR for the invitation to the series –  it’s been great!  Visit or for tickets and more information.


Becca –  Jasmine Williams

Annette –  Anna Dawahare

Charlie –  Johnson Cooley

Waiter –  Jeffrey Han

Mother –   Suzie Heaton

Tony –  Isaac Jay

Connie – Cameron Kauffman

Sandra –  Lara Fisher

Ted –  AJ Sass

Baby – Johnson Cooley

Shan –  Jeffrey Han

Kenny –  Jacob Osborne

Ella –  Sophia Castillo

Lola  –  EP McKnight

Butler –  Stephen Loftin

Krissie –  Lara Fisher

Timothy –  Isaac Jay

Cherry –  Cameron Kauffman

Jamie – Jacob Osborne

Helen – Sophia Castillo

News Reporter – Julian Fletcher

TV Woman – Interviewed Angela Relucio

Production Crew

Directors – Donna Wheeler, Louise Kroot-Haukka, Stephen Loftin,  Anne T. Mesa,  Angela Relucio

Producers – John Lant, Rochelle Perry, Anne Mesa, Susan Eiden, Linda Rand, Michael Eiden

Ken Cosby –  Lighting & Sound Design

Jonathan Harrison – Stage Manager & Associate Producer

Rochelle Perry – Graphic Design

Sandra Kuker  – Publicity

Madness, Mayhem and Other Stimulants…  When Women Write!

Series C  “A Colorful Conscience – A Collection of Short Plays by Rochelle Perry

September 23rd through October 1st

BrickHouse Theatre, 10950 Peach Grove St., North Hollywood, 91601

Fridays & Saturdays 8PM and Sundays 2PM

Click here for tickets

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Our reviewer on Saturday:

Write Act Repertory’s ‘A Colorful Conscience’ twists familiar emotions

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Write Act Repertory continues its “Madness, Mayhem, & Other Stimulants…When Women Write!” program with A Colorful Conscience, a quirky series of short playlets that blend genres with twist endings to create an entertaining, surprising production. Featuring everything from wry comedy to melodrama to thriller, the evening offers a little something for everyone.

Writer Rochelle Perry’s series of short plays features colors as representation for emotions, and then twisting those familiar feelings like a kaleidoscope, often introducing violence into the equation. Most of these feature coarse language, making them suitable only for mature audiences.

“Candy Cane Killer” highlights the evening, a story of an unexpected college serial killer. It features fine acting by Cameron Kauffman and Jacob Osborne as young lovers, along with excellent production work. “A Good Mother” also stands out, with Suzie Heaton fierce and determined to raise her son the right way and help him resolve his romantic issues. Isaac Jay brings compassion to the hurting on.

“The Glass Ceiling” has its moments, especially when it turns who’s in charge on its head: partying boss or straight arrow Asian employee. Osborne oozes insincerity as the demeaning frat boy boss, while Jeffrey Han’s understandable resentment boils over into rage. “The Color Yellow” features sardonic humor and excellent timing, as two women find their futures in fortune cookie readings. Anna Dawahare gives a flirty, charming performance.

A Colorful Conscience playfully turns emotions upside down for a fun evening at the theatre.

Write Act Repertory presents “A Colorful Conscience: A Series of Short Plays” as part of its “Madness, Mayhem, & Other Stimulants…When Women Write!” series Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm through October 1 at the Brickhouse Theatre located at 10950 Peachgrove St. in North Hollywood. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased by calling (800) 838-3006 or by visiting